Effectively changing the landscape of the global economy


Tri-T Group is a global trading company with multiple holdings across many industries around the world. We are set out to make a large impact on global business by influencing multiple sectors. The parent investment company, Tri-T Investment Holdings Ltd in Hong Kong and our headquarters in the Dubai Economic Zone, with its satellite office in Singapore, work closely together to achieve this.

Transforming multiple industries from the get-go

Tri-T Group has brands in many influential sectors that impact the world.

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Tri-T Investment Holdings is a venture capital investment holding company based out of Hong Kong. Tri-T Investment Holdings Ltd. has managed to support a lot of companies in their early stages from their inception. The organization provides anchor funding as well as operational support to a number of global networks with their venture capital funds. Tri-T Investment Holdings Ltd. invests in various upcoming opportunities in the field of technology, healthcare, property, mining, and oil and gas.
The Tri-T Investment Holdings Ltd. has four funds in its network. The ventures are:

  • TRI-T Ventures China
  • TRI-T Ventures UAE
  • TRI-T Ventures SEA
  • TRI-T Ventures India

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