Tri-T Platinum Gold Trading LLC offers numerous services that have everything to do with

Real Estate & Property Renovations

House Renovation

Renovating your dream home? Renting your property out to suitable families? Tri-T has contractors that will assist you with every aspect of your house renovation process.Our team is always ready and available to guide you along every step of your house remodelling journey, starting from planning, to demolition, to new framing structures, painting, flooring and finishing work.

Interior Design

Tri-T Platinum has a wide array of experienced interior designers and vendors to help spruce up your property. They can assist you with designing your homes, office spaces, individual rooms, to shops and hotels as well. Tri-T Platinum’s team of interior designers will help you conceptualize and turn your vision for your property into a reality.

Kitchen Renovation

Homeowners and property rentals often need to upgrade their kitchens to provide ease, comfort and access to all the tools and appliances. Our kitchen renovation team can help you scale, remodel, and rebuild a kitchen to suit all needs and requirements. Comfort and ease of use are the top priority.

Bathroom Renovations

Tri-T Platinum offers top experts to renovate and build bathrooms at your discretion. Starting from the design phase to the final tiling and installation of fixtures, our team of skilled workers and experts are here for you every step along the way.

AirBnb Renovation

Keeping a house always ready for guests requires you to build a space that can suit everyone’s needs. Pet-friendly? Family-friendly? Suitable for a group of friends travelling through? Vacation home? There are many aspects to renovating a house that you have put up on AirBnb, and our team of professionals is here to guide you through the entirety of the process.

Hotel Renovation

Hotel renovation is a long and overwhelming process and not everyone is equipped to a remodel of that scale. We have multiple teams of experts such as architects, designers, engineers, and other successful vendors to make this monumental task a whole lot simpler.Setting up plans, choosing the right layout, renovating the piping, paints, interiors, and a thousand other tasks can be taken care of by our team at Tri-T Platinum.

Shop Renovation

Commercial renovations for shops need to be tailored to the needs of the shop owner or retailer. A property owner can use the space for himself or rent it out to other interested parties. There are many facets of development that they will need to consider before they can begin the renovation process. Tri-T Platinum has a team of experts to guide shop owners with their renovation.