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Tri-T Platinum Gold Trading LLC is a property renovation and bullion and precious stones trading firm, to help secure and maintain the different types of assets for all clients.

Why invest in property and real estate renovation?

Real estate is one investment that always appreciates in value, making it one of the best forms of investment. The core belief is that property investments are profitable in the long term because the real estate market is a lot more stable than others, such as investing in stocks.

Tri-T Platinum Gold Trading LLC

Dubai, UAE

  • Head Office Address
    No 5, 1,2,3, King Kamran Abdul Ghani Rad Yamala Business Bay, Dubai
  • Branch Office Address
    Office 2 Level 23 Boulevard Plaza Tower 2- Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd., Dubai

Contact Details

  • Phone no.+971 5050 47623 (Dubai, UAE)
  • Phone no.+65 8808 8823 / 88002322 (Singapore)
  • WhatsApp +971 5284 57411
  • Tel +971 0440 96790
  • Fax +971 0440 96850

Tri-T Platinum Gold Trading LLC

Tri-T Platinum Gold Trading LLC also offers another stable form of investment, which is trading in bullion and other precious stones and metals. Since Dubai is a cultural hub for precious stones and bullion, investing in the same with guaranteed and certified bullion as well as uncut gems and other precious stones is recommended. The investment will only appreciate over time and the benefits will grow with your investment.

Dubai is a real estate hub for those who want to venture into or build on their property investments. Tri-T Platinum Gold Tradic LLC offers services that will help you invest in properties at prime locations as well as build on those investments in the city.

Tri-T Platinum Gold Trading LLC offers numerous services that have everything to do with real estate and property renovations. Our teams of highly skilled working professionals offer services which include:

  • House Renovation
  • Interior Design
  • Bathroom Renovation
  • Kitchen Renovation
  • AirBnb Renovation
  • Hotel Renovation
  • Shop Renovation

Property Renovations

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