Effectively changing the landscape of the global economy

Tri-T Group is a global trading company with multiple holdings across many industries around the world. We are set out to make a large impact on global business by influencing multiple sectors. The investment company, Tri-T Group and our headquarters in the Dubai Economic Zone.


Transforming multiple industries from the get-go

Tri-T Group has brands in many influential sectors that impact the world.

Tri-T Group is a venture capital and assets holding firm based in Asia that provides equity to emerging companies and organizations across the world. After working with the parent investment company Tri-T Group, the importance of funding upcoming firms and agencies became apparent, which is something which Tri-T team achieves with great success.

Tri-T Group is the head operations office based out of Dubai, UAE. The company works as a property development firm which deals with real estate and property renovations. Tri-T Group also offers traders the option to invest in gold, silver and other precious metals and stones in Dubai. The main goal is to help clients realise their investment needs as well as property needs with Tri-T Group team of highly skilled and qualified professionals.
The company deals with bullion trading and sale of uncut diamonds, precious stones and other metals. The online marketplace makes it easy to trade in gold and silver and purchase precious stones as commodities. The bullion is certified and tested to assure the best quality for purchase by clients.