Investing in bullion and precious stones is the safest way to protect your future


Accumulating assets such as precious stones, uncut jewels, bullion and other metals can guarantee a secure future for generations to come.

Tri-T Titanium in Singapore is the ideal marketplace to purchase and trade in bullion and precious stones and metals. Tri-T Titanium Builders Pte Ltd is a satellite branch of the head office, Tri-T Platinum Gold Trading LLC, based out of Dubai, UAE. Singapore is growing to become one of the leading hubs in bullion trading in Asia, and this reputation has been upheld to the highest standards with our certified stock of assured quality on Tri-T Titanium’s e-commerce platform.

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Why is bullion trading recommended?

Investing in bullion is considered to be the safest way to diversify risk, making it a popular investment option. There are many ways in which people can purchase gold and other precious metals for investment, ingots and coins being the most utilized ones. Despite the rise in different forms of currencies such as digital, plastic, cryptocurrency, and paper currency, bullion has managed to maintain its value through generations of evolution.

Bullion assets are tangible and cannot be destroyed easily, and are easy to inherit as forms of generational wealth as well. It can withstand market crashes, fires, hacking, and other forms of disruptions that other currencies could not survive.
Investing in gold, silver and other bullion has been the preferred means of wealth accumulation and investment for hundreds of years, and will continue to be so for hundreds more to come.


Metalor 1kg

  • Metalor is a type of gold ingot or bar, with assured purity of gold.
  • The ingot gets its name from the way it is produced, where molten precious metal (in this case gold), is poured into molds.
  • The sizes and weight of each ingot vary, but 1000g or 1kg are popular choices for investors to buy for gold investment and trading.
  • They are measured and recorded to maintain the quality of the product.
  • The Metalor by Tri-T Titanium meets the highest standards of quality and has passed all inspections and is stamped with guarantee.

2015 Chinese Panda Silver Coin

  • The Chinese Panda Silver Coin has become a collector’s item since 1983.
  • Each year a new design is released, made of 1oz pure silver with a Chinese panda usually with a bamboo stick or tree, making it a collector’s delight.
  • The coins are a good investment option and they can be invested in as a means of an attractive product for display as well.
  • The 2015 Chinese Panda coin has the Hall of Prayer for Abundant Harvests in the Temple of Heaven in Beijing on one side and a playful panda snacking on a bamboo stick surrounded by bamboo trees on the other.

Raw Diamonds

  • The Raw or Uncut diamonds available on the Tri-T Titanium platform are available for sale and can be used for investment purposes or can be polished into any form desired.
  • Diamonds are precious stones that will always appreciate in value, and uncut gems such as diamonds are highly valuable stones that take up less size, and can be easily stored and transported whenever needed.
  • Tri-T Titanium’s collection of uncut diamonds offer high clarity and coloured and uncoloured options as well.
  • The uncut diamonds vary in carats also, starting from 4.8 carat of uncut, clear and uncoloured (white) diamonds to 32, 44, and even 88 carats in gems.